The Portchain Network expands as members opt in for digital transformation

December 07, 2023

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In a year 2023 marked by steady growth, Portchain, a cloud-based platform for optimizing port berthing operations and berth alignment, is contributing to the ongoing digital transformation in the maritime industry. Throughout the year, Portchain took pride in announcing several esteemed clients have joined the Portchain Network, highlighting their dedication to improving port efficiency, operational excellence and streamlining carrier and terminal communications, facilitating just-in-time port calls.


A year of growth as leading terminal operators join the Portchain Network


Hanjin Busan Newport Company's entry into the Portchain Network marked a crucial partnership in the Korean market. The Terminal continues its ongoing promise to improve customer services and streamline port logistics operations. The platform enables Hanjin Busan Newport Company to efficiently share and receive high-quality data, reducing information transmission delays. Portchain Connect offers an intuitive overview of all vessel calls, secure exchange of berthing information, and eliminates the costs associated with manual, non-digitized communication. The Terminal ensures the alignment of berthing windows to improve schedule reliability for its customers.

Port Houston's decision to embrace the Portchain Network underscores their commitment to elevating port efficiency and vessel scheduling. This collaboration enables data sharing between US Gulf and East Coast terminals and carriers on a secure platform. The digital berth alignment process eliminates manual data exchange, streamlining the scheduling process, and enhancing the quality and timeliness of data. Portchain's automated integrations with both carrier's planning systems and Port Houston’s berth planning and Terminal Operating System (TOS) ensure real-time data availability and automatic sharing of updates. The platform provides a unified interface and a formal hub for sharing scheduling data, as noted by the Port Houston:

 "The automated data exchange and digital collaboration saves time and effort and improves the berth scheduling process."

Mike Shaffner, Director of Operations Planning and Technology at Port Houston

DP World Santos adopted Portchain Connect, ushering in a new era of digitalized and optimized port efficiency in South American operations. DP World Santos partnered with Portchain to enhance their communication channels and streamline berth alignment with customers through digital handshakes and secure data sharing. Portchain Connect provides DP World Santos with real-time schedule and move count updates directly from carrier systems, enabling swift responses and counter proposals to align vessel schedules with the terminal berth plan.

Continuing on the path of digital transformation, London Container Terminal took a monumental step forward in their quest for more efficient port operations by deploying Portchain Quay to optimize their berth planning performance. The Terminal has streamlined their berth allocation, revolutionizing the movement of containers and the flow of goods through their terminals. As London Container Terminal points out, this partnership has brought a new level of efficiency:

"Our partnership with Portchain Quay enhances the planning process, providing real-time updates to our planners and accurate berth predictions for our customers."

Ross McKissock, Director of Unitised at Forth Ports.

Piraeus Container Terminal completed a successful trial phase with Portchain Connect, validating the platform's capacity to digitize berth management processes. This addition to their suite of tools enhances the quality and speed of berth alignment with customers through digital handshakes and secure data sharing. Portchain Connect empowers Piraeus Container Terminal to receive real-time schedule and move count updates directly from carrier systems, facilitating rapid responses and counter proposals for aligning vessel schedules with the terminal berth plan.

Portchain's Commitment to Sustainable Maritime Solutions

Portchain keeps on working towards the vision to facilitate collaborative, win-win solutions between container carriers and terminal operators to achieve environmental, operational, and financial benefits. With over 80 container terminals connected to its global network, representing nearly 20% of the world’s terminal capacity, Portchain offers advanced solutions for improved planning decisions, operational accuracy, and streamlined operations. The platform replaces manual processes, eliminating spreadsheets and providing a transparent audit trail of all changes. Integrations with Carrier systems and Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) ensure seamless data flow, reducing double entry.

Supply chain disruption, economic and geopolitical uncertainties, and ambitious sustainability goals underscore the strategic importance of optimizing vessel arrivals between container carriers and terminals. At Portchain, carriers and terminals find the means to enhance predictability and reliability through increased collaboration and data sharing to enable Just In Time (JIT) arrivals.  Recent studies from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) project a 5.9% potential reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through effective JIT implementation in container shipping. Portchain actively supports carriers and terminals in realizing this potential, improving collaboration, data sharing, and utilizing alignment solutions for JIT arrivals.

Portchain is dedicated to helping carriers and terminals optimize scheduling and berthing through a neutral, easy-to-adopt, standardized enterprise solution. The Portchain Network represents a substantial opportunity for carriers' and terminal's to further their decarbonization agenda by enhancing port efficiency and promoting just-in-time operations. Together, with terminals and carriers, Portchain is striving for technological innovation, advancing decarbonization, and championing operational excellence in the maritime industry.

About Portchain

Portchain is the leading provider of berth alignment and planning software for container terminals and carriers. Working with leading container carriers and terminal operators Portchain creates sustainable win-win solutions to improve operational efficiency and sustainability for container shipping. Operating at a global scale, Portchain serves container terminals and carriers across Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Africa. 

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