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At Portchain the work environment is fast-paced and dynamic, as we are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver leading-edge solutions for our clients. A career at Portchain means working on some of the toughest problems in the shipping industry and challenging the status quo. While we attract top talents based on their desire to solve complex problems, we also believe in a transparent work environment with a healthy work-life balance.

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In the words of our team members

“What's unique about workplaces like Portchain is the extent of cross-collaboration between teams and the impact each individual can have on the overall company performance. I love that at Portchain I am encouraged to bring in new ideas and ways of working and I am given the freedom to implement them.”


Anna Miotello

Senior Customer Success Manager

“At Portchain, I'm surrounded by great people and working on great product. Working on a product that helps make shipping more efficient and reduce bunker fuel consumption and thus lowering CO2 emissions aligns perfectly with my passion for the environment. It's inspiring to be part of a team that not only prioritizes environmental impact but also work with product in the “right” way.”

Julie S.-min

Julie Skotte

Senior Product Manager

“At Portchain, I'm surrounded by smart, friendly and open-minded people whom I get to collaborate with on solving problems that actually matter. It's a great environment for professional growth and a source of motivation for me to do my best as a software engineer.”


Utku Ufuk

Senior Software Engineer

“The work culture at Portchain strikes the perfect balance for my needs and allows me to adapt my work to my private schedule. If I am efficient in planning ahead I can manage my schedule perfectly.”


Federico Gandellini

Staff Engineer

"Working at Portchain is highly rewarding: I work with very interesting and challenging problems that have the capacity to directly improve the work of our customers. Furthermore, the remote culture and work-life balance is perfect for me, allowing me to spend time with my two young daughters."

Joao F.

João Paiva Fonseca

Senior Optimization Specialist

"Having worked as a Marketing Analyst at Portchain during my studies, I am grateful for the trust and confidence placed in me. As I embark on my new role as Marketing Manager, I look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in this expanded role. I truly enjoy working with the team and being a part of the #Portchainer community."

Laia (1)

Laia Martín Anglada

Marketing Manager

Join our global team and have a global impact

When joining Portchain´s international team, you will not only embark on a new professional adventure. You will become part of a diverse and multinational team of people who care for each other.

Our company culture is built on a collaborative and friendly work environment, promoting mutual respect, feedback, and transparency as core values. The dynamic of our diverse team contributes to a steep learning curve, where you get exposed to all business functions. We have a flat hierarchy, communicating informally across all levels of seniority.

The global Portchain team meets several times a year to anchor Portchain’s vision and strategic priorities. More importantly, we meet up to spend time together in person; to connect socially, to share learnings and best practices, and to celebrate our shared achievements.


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