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Increase the speed of alignment with cloud-based solutions for predictable berth and schedule operations

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Plan smarter and more efficiently

Do you lack reliable information for your planning processes? Are you tired of using spreadsheets, emails and phone calls to align your berth schedules?

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Digitize your operations

Replace spreadsheets, emails and legacy berth planning tools. Run your operations with dedicated fit-for-purpose berth planning and alignment solutions.

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Unrivaled data foundation

Always have the latest information available for berth alignment. Connect your operations to the source data with multiple integration options.

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Share with control

Share with control and power using views that can be configured so you always know what you are sharing and with whom.

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Plan with intelligence

Leverage predictive analytics to improve your allocation of resources, identify infeasible vessel arrival times, and forecast moves and productivity.

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Increase berth alignment

Stabilize your berth windows, increase commitment and empower people through visibility for greater alignment and productivity.

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Build trust and confidence

Improve reliability of your plan through alerting and embedded AIS. Connect your stakeholders to Portchain and provide them with view-only, automated and real-time updates.

Just-in-time port calls for sustainability: Digitalization as the path towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Portchain’s contribution

Just-In-Time (JIT) arrivals allow vessels to optimize speed during their voyage to arrive at port without any waiting time. The latest study released by the IMO, calculates the potential fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduction from the effective implementation of JIT for container shipping to 5.9% when carrier and port align 24 hours prior to arrival, and up to 14% when aligned when the vessel leaves the previous port. Through Portchain, carriers and terminals can improve collaboration, control data sharing and utilize alignment solutions to support JIT arrivals.


Carbon emissions reduction

per voyage reduction by implementing JIT arrivals


Fuel savings

by implementing JIT arrivals in the last 24hrs of a voyage

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The network of the future

The global container shipping industry is significantly challenged with congestion, continuous disruptions from global events and constant vessel delays.

Vessel scheduling and berth planning operations have become increasingly complex, with many of the traditional tools such as proforma plans becoming unreliable.

At Portchain, we believe carriers and terminals can achieve predictable and reliable operations through increased collaboration and data sharing. With better tooling they can leverage the power of standardized data and predictive analytics which the industry has yet to take full advantage of.

We are Portchain. Come join your partners on the network!


In the words of our clients

“Our partnership with Portchain marks a promising step forward in our commitment to operational excellence and sustainable shipping. By leveraging Portchain Connect, we look forward to delivering quality information to our customers, optimizing our vessel scheduling, enhancing collaboration with terminals, and delivering superior service to our clients.”

ocean network express

Capt. Masaharu Urabe

Global Vessel Operations at Ocean Network Express

“Port Houston has a strategic objective to enhance efficiency and resilience through innovative technology. We are excited to improve our berth alignment and collaboration with our customers. The automated data exchange and digital collaboration saves time and effort and improves the berth scheduling process.”


Mike Shaffner

Director Operations Planning and Technology, Port Houston

“Our collaboration with Portchain is underpinned by a shared commitment to excellence, as we work together to harness the power of data collaboration.”


Pierre Cordes

Planning Manager at EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven.

“EVYAPPORT is the first Turkish container terminal to join the Portchain Connect Network. We hope that our newest collaboration with Portchain, which we deeply embrace, is inspiring for all Turkish ports.”


H. Kayhan Alipaşaoğlu

Evyapport Container Terminal Manager

“We aim to create transparency and efficiency across the supply chain so that each stakeholder can optimize their own processes.”


Barbara Melvin

CEO of South Carolina Ports

“As we continue our investment in digitization of our busy container terminal we have chosen Portchain Quay to assist our teams in providing reliable real time berth planning and optimization. Portchain Quay will improve the planning process for both the terminal and our customers, providing intelligent real time updates to our planners and more accurate berth predictions for our customers. I think our plan is more reliable, and I think carriers have saved bunke, and we look forward to working with Portchain Quay to develop the solution further.”


Ross McKissock

CEO London Container Terminal

“Over the last years, we have significantly improved our performance and efficiency at North Butterworth Container Terminal. With Portchain, we can create the next step in data-driven decision making to further improve operational efficiency. We will also create more transparency and improve collaboration with customers and internal stakeholders by connecting them all to the Portchain platform with real-time information.


Dato’ Sasedharan Vasudevan,

CEO of Penang Port

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